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Bespoke solutions to identify and address barriers faced by Disabled and LGBTQIA+ people at work

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We have a wealth of expertise and use this to help organisations and groups take their business to the next level. According the the 2021 Census data, a growing number of young people identify as LGBTQIA+ and one in five people in the UK are disabled. Organisations need to embed inclusivity in their culture, their policy and their user experience. We know it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why we work with our clients to identify issues, propose solutions and changes and empower them to take action. We have a working knowledge of the legal framework and policy relating to supporting disabled and LGBTQIA+ people at work. We regularly keep up to date with the evolving best practice and encourage innovative and creative solutions, that enable our clients to create environments that set people up to thrive.
Whether it's creating a more inclusive recruitment process or improving the experience for your service users, why not choose Simply Equality to support you on your journey?

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