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Stone Steps

Simply Equality

Breaking down barriers for Disabled and LGBTQIA+ people at work

About Our Founders

The soul of our company - Pk and Sarah launched Simply Equality because they wanted to create a world where disabled and LBGTQIA+ people could thrive

Training and Workshops

We deliver workshops on a range of issues relating to Disabled and LGBTQIA+ employees


An open, honest and on occasion, humourous exploration of the lived realities of disabled and LGBTQIA+ people.


Bespoke solutions to identify and address barriers faced by Disabled and LGBTQIA+ people at work

Public Speaking

From key note speeches to panel discussions - we deliver a range of public speaking options on topics affecting Disabled and LGBTQIA+ people

Contact Us

Thanks for getting in touch, we aim to respond within 5 working days.

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